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Mavis beacon 

Mavis Beacon Free is a must-have if you want to learn keyboarding skills or enhance your overall typing efficiency. The app gives you useful tools to practice. It also provides constructive criticisms to help expand your current typing skill level. Moreover, there is a whole array of fun games to break the monotony of lessons and drills.

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Developed to be a personification of a The Software Toolworks instructional typing program, Mavis Beacon debuted as simply a photo of a model on the software's packaging in 1987.The model chosen to be the face of Mavis was Haitian-born Renée L'Espérance, who was discovered working behind the perfume counter at Saks Fifth Avenue Beverly Hills by former talk-show host and partner at The Software Toolworks Les Crane in 1985.Due to Mavis Beacon being portrayed by a black woman, some retailers were initially reluctant to display the product.However, once the popularity of the program became evident, many distributors reversed their decision and began to display the line of software bearing Mavis Beacon's image.Mavis Beacon has been seen as groundbreaking for being one of the first computer instruction characters and for being a female African-American embodiment of computer software. As of 1998, she had instructed 6,000,000 school children.Throughout the 1990s, Mavis Beacon served as the virtual typing instructor at numerous U. Mavis Beacon is often thought to be a living or historical figure by the public.This confusion has led many to contact the software developers seeking to speak to, interview, or book Mavis for an event.

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